Standards for Reformulated and Conventional Gasoline

Regulation of Fuel and Fuel Additives: Reformulated Gasoline Requirements for former severe nonattainment areas under the 1-hour ozone standard that were redesignated to attainment for the 1-hour standard prior to its revocation, and which are current nonattainment areas for the 8-hour ozone standard (notice of proposed rulemaking).

EPA is requesting comment on options to revise references in the RFG rule – specifically, the reasonable date on which we determine the applicability of RFG – to make them relevant for areas that redesignated to attainment to the 1-hour r ozone standard prior to its revocation. Atlanta is the only area that would fall within the scope of this proposal.

Under the first option, Atlanta would be required to use RFG at least until it is redesignated to attainment for the 8-hour NAAQS. Under the second option, the determining factor for Atlanta would be the date of revocation of the 1-hour NAAQS. The use of this effective date would mean that if RFG was a mandatory obligation on that date, then the obligation would continue on after revocation of the 1-hour NAAQS. If RFG was not a mandatory obligation on that date then it would not continue after the date of revocation. EPA would interpret CAA section 211(k)(10)(D) such that an area would no longer be considered an RFG area after redesignation to attainment for the 1-hour NAAQS, if the State requests removal of RFG and demonstrates that removal would not result in loss of emission reductions relied upon in the State attainment plan.


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