Houston Electric Cars

There are a few manufacturers still making specialized electric vehicles, however, there are no light-duty vehicles being produced by the major auto manufacturers..

Houston Used CarsSome manufacturers produce neighborhood electric vehicles (NEVs), which use similar battery technology and are often used in limited on-road fleet applications. NEVs are zero emission vehicles, but most do not satisfy EPAct requirements for fleets.

In an EV, batteries and other energy storage devices are used to store the electricity that powers the electric motor in the vehicle. EV batteries must be replenished by plugging in the vehicle to a power source. Some EVs have on-board chargers; others plug into a charger located outside the vehicle, but both must use electricity that comes from the power grid to replenish the battery. Although electricity production may contribute to air pollution, an EV is a zero emission vehicle and its motor produces no exhaust or emissions.

Vehicle Availability

Most electric vehicles offered by manufacturers are low-speed neighborhood electric vehicles or electric bicycles. View currently available EVs.

Fuel Availability

Most homes, government facilities, fleet garages, and businesses have adequate electrical capacity for charging EV batteries. Special hookups or upgrades may be required.

Visit the Refueling Station Locator page to find electric recharging locations.


EVs meet all federal motor vehicle safety requirements. The batteries are sealed and all high-voltage circuits are protected from casual contact. In addition, high-voltage circuits are marked, color coded, and posted with warnings.


EVs are zero emission vehicles, meaning they produce no tailpipe or evaporative emissions that contribute to air pollution and global warming (although electricity production is not pollution-free).

The cost of electricity per kilowatt-hour usually compares favorably to that of gasoline, but varies depending on location. Check out the latest edition of the Alternative Fuel Price Report, or contact your local utility for regional electricity prices.


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