High Temperature Materials Laboratory

The High Temperature Materials Laboratory (HTML) at Oak Ridge National Laboratory is dedicated to materials development and characterization. Its mission is to help engineers, scientists, and students in U.S.-based organizations solve materials problems of interest to the U.S. Department of Energy.

The HTML includes six user centers that are available to researchers in industry, universities, and government. The user centers contain specialized equipment dedicated to specific types of property measurements and together provide unique capabilities for characterizing the microstructure, microchemistry, and physical and mechanical properties of materials over a wide range of temperatures. The six user centers include

  • Thermography and thermophysical properties;
  • Residual stress;
  • Mechanical characterization;
  • Machining, inspection, and tribology,
  • Materials analysis; and
  • Diffraction.

The HTML concentrates its work in four major research areas:

  • Engine and vehicle materials;
  • Emissions reduction materials;
  • Materials for hydrogen generation, storage, and utilization; and
  • Partnering with industry.

The HTML offers researchers access to expertise and equipment that is unavailable elsewhere or that is not available together in one place elsewhere in the world, such as atomic-resolution electron microscopes, multipurpose diffractometers, and spectrometers.


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