Full-Size Electric Vehicle Basics

The goal of the U.S. Department of Energy’s Advanced Vehicle Testing Activity (AVTA) has been to promote the use of electric vehicles in commercial fleets in the United States. To support this goal, the AVTA supported the purchase, operation, and data collection of commercially available electric vehicles in electric utility fleet operations.

EVAmerica Baseline Performance

Also known as EVAmerica testing, test parameters were developed in conjunction with electric utility fleet operators, original equipment manufacturers, and vehicle conversion companies. The test parameters include acceleration, three types of range tests, gradeability, handling, charging, maximum speed, and braking. Since 1994, 21 models of electric vehicles have been EVAmerica Baseline Performance tested.

SCE Pomona Loop Open-Road Tests

Southern California Edison (SCE) conducted performance tests on 14 full-size electric vehicles over open road test loops.

Fleet Operations

In this validation process, the testing fleets collect data on electric vehicles within their respective commercial fleets. The data collected includes energy use (kilowatt-hours), mileage, and maintenance requirements. The activity had 10 Chevrolet S-10 pickups in fleet use since 1997. The activity also had 20 Toyota RAV4s and 18 Ford Rangers for fleet operations testing, and these vehicles were entered in utility fleet operations with the program’s testing partners. The Chevrolet and Ford vehicles were equipped with lead acid batteries, and the Toyota vehicle was equipped with nickel-metal-hydride batteries.


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