Airport Ground Support Equipment

The Advanced Vehicle Testing Activity tests electric ground support equipment for airports, such as baggage handling trucks, plane push-back tugs, cargo conveyors, and tow tractors.

Electric Ground Support Equipment (eGSE) Cost Benefit Analysis Modeling Tool

This modeling tool supports the analysis of deploying eGSE versus internal combustion engine (ICE) ground support equipment at airports. Electric and ICE baggage tractors, belt loaders, pushback tractors, and infrastructure were analyzed at two airports on the west coast, one in the midwest, and one in the northeast. Based on data collected from these locations, a model was developed as a tool for this project and for use by the general airline industry, electric utilities, and other interested stakeholders. The results and the cost model operating guide can be found in the Cost Benefit Analysis Report available below. The analysis and model development were performed by Electric Transportation Engineering Corporation in the course of performing work sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy’s Advanced Vehicle Testing Activity, Electric Power Research Institute, Southern California Edison Company, Sacramento Municipal Utility District, Southwest Airlines, Georgia Power Company, and Delta Airlines.


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